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What is an online business without a hosting plan? To start anything regarding your online business, one of the most crucial platforms you need to have prepared is a domain. Without one, there is little to start with or work on. To select the best hosting planning team, you can look for some of the largest companies there are in Brazil to compare one against the other. Here you will be shown why they exceed any other and have been unmatched in many levels as well as features through the years. At HomeHost you are working with the largest company you can find in Brazil. They are large in terms of the number of domains they manage and work for. 65.000 at least, is the current number. With professional service and populism like theirs, the number is continuing to grow.

Hosting PlannerAt HomeHost here is a list of some of the features you will receive. Start with their variety of hosting type offers. The basic, advanced and premium offers are the three to choose from. They will differ in the rate you are to pay but each embeds unique features. The basic offer of only 14.90 R$ per month consists already of unlimited domains and email accounts. In terms of space you will receive a 500 GB with website builders included, generator slips as well as an automatic installer. For a basic package offer, this is surely plenty to work with.

The Advanced and Premium offer is present with slightly more to adjust to medium and large scale business. Both are equipped with a shop-ready feature allowing you to operate on your newly built platform right away. But only the premium offer has a dedicated IP address. Now that you know the offers of each package, take your time to match this with your vision of an online business platform. The team is also able to customize several features to meet your wish. This is one of their ways to go a mile further than any other team. The Advanced and Premium each cost 29.90 R$ and 89.00R$ per month. With vast advantageous features as mentioned above, your investment in a hosting plan with the best team is one that will pay-off in no time! So contact them through call or online to see how they can help make your business exceed. These days, nothing beats the dynamic of online businesses. You can be the next rapid-growing business of 2013.

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