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E-commerce has become a prevalent trend within the last decade. More and more people and companies are shifting their offline commercial businesses online. By using internet, customers can buy any products that they need and want much more easily. This is the reason why most customers prefer using internet to carry out their commercial activities. Because of this, business people have to be able to accommodate their customers by establishing online infrastructure that allows the latter to shop the former’s products more conveniently. This is the beginning of an era in which most shops are available online.

install prestashop templatesBusiness people who want to sell their products online must have a website to promote and to exhibit their products. This website must be not only attractive, eye-catching and having good traffic, but also equipped with necessary instruments that their customers can use to finish the deal. Unfortunately, not all business people are internet experts. Not all of them can create an eye-catching website that is also functional to support their e-commerce business. Those people usually rely on a website designer to build their website. However, because a website designer needs payment and business people have to be smart in organizing their expenditure; many of them try to use a cheaper alternative to build an eye-catching and e-commerce-friendly website. Using such popular yet free e-commerce content management systems as prestashop will be considered as their most preferable alternative.

An e-commerce CMS can indeed provide them with a reliable infrastructure to build and operate an online store; however, when they install this CMS, they will only get basic and less-attractive templates that are preinstalled with the CMS. If they want to improve the attractiveness of their website, which is powered by prestashop CMS, they can download and install prestashop templates from any third-party template websites. Many of those templates are free, but if they expect professional look for their website, they may need to spend few dollars to buy professional templates.

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