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It has been shown that the chances of getting your company website on the first search results of various search engines like Google can be multiplied by over 50 times if you upload videos to video hosting sites like YouTubeand pintrest. This will save you from a lot of hassles and costs as compared to the use of normal SEO. The reason being you are using a different strategy as compared to most of your local competitors. Your business site will be grossing at the top of the search results just a few days after you have uploaded your video. This way, you will be able to beat competition and generate more traffic to your website thus promoting your brand. The long run benefit is improved productivity and profitability of your business.

Whenever uploading your video, you will need to optimize it if you want to be ranked first in the shortest time possible. You will need a number of search engine optimization skills to hit the top spot. When uploading your video there are a number of boxes with different items that you will need to fill. You should fill them strategically. Among these boxes are:

Category: The categories of YouTube videos are quite general. To optimize your results, choose a category that is closest to the nature of your business.

Title of the video: You should be able to choose a title that shows the content of your video while maintaining the keywords that will be critical when a search is conducted. It is good to incorporate some of the contact details of your company on the title so that it can be seen quickly on the page of search results.

The keywords: These are the words that you think your target audience is more likely to key in whenever searching for your particular type of business. The keywords will have a very big effect on the ease with which your website will be found both through the local search engine or YouTube. You should use the same keywords as the ones that you are already using on your SEO strategy and a few additional words if need be.

The description: This is by far the most important box that you will fill in an effort to get a favorable online ranking of your video. You should be able to describe to the viewers what the video is about and the details should be able to answer a number of questions that you might think might be projected from your campaign. You should use the keywords in your description as they will get you ranked favorably in a much shorter time. The description should have a link to your site which will be able to generate more traffic to it.

Geo- tagging: When geo- tagging your video, it can help the people in your locality to track you more easily. It is worth investing in and will promote your video via Google adwords. You will be able to find the value for your money within a very short period. These will be able to ensure that the people who will be able to see the video will be concentrated more in your local area. This will as well eliminate the need of you having to spend fortunes to people who will probably never get to be near your business to buy your product or service.

It is good to upload the videos regularly and use different keywords each time you implement the changes. Using these strategies, you should be able to have your company site on the first page of search results on search engines. Using the services of a Local SEO Company will also help you in achieving this.


Author’s Bio: – Jessica   is inclined to write about various kinds of social media topics for site name. Although she is certified with media optimization, her years of writing experience have made her an expert.

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